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Master Pharma Group LTD  
Master Pharma Group Ltd. have started our business since 01st, August 1994. We are one of the biggest distributors of pharmaceutical products in Cambodia with 6.5 million USD of turnover a year. As the pioneer supplier and distributor of pharmaceutical products, we imported the medicines from laboratories such as:
      1 Hovid Sdn.Bhd. (Malaysia)
      2 Bilim Pharmaceuticals (Turkey)
      3 Mylan Laboratories Limited (India)
      4 Lonnix Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
      5 Bejing Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd (China)
      6 Reyoung Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd (China)
      7 Flamingo Pharmaceutical Ltd (India)
      8 Marksans Pharma Ltd. (India)
      9 Akums Drugs & Pharmaceutical Ltd (India)
Vitamin-E 400mg Softgel
Tocovid 200mg Softgel
Tocovid 100mg Softgel
Tocovid 50mg Softgel (30's)
Tocovid 50 mg Softgel (60's)
Quicklean Hand Gel 720ml
Quicklean Hand Gel 50ml
Q10 Suprabio
O'yes Cream 45g
Nutravit Syrup 60ml
Livovid Softgels
Hovid Omega 3 Softgel 1000mg
Hovid Garlic Oil
Hovasc 10mg
Hovasc 5mg
Evening Primrose 1000mg Softgel
Diabetmin 850 Retard SR
Cosamine plus
Cosamine plus
Cosamine 250 Cap.
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